We offer quality properties on Bute for the discerning customer whilst ensuring that our owners receive the very highest levels of service and support available.

Whilst the interest in Bute as a holiday destination increases, so does the need for accommodation. More and more people from the mainland are considering investing in properties on Bute in order to transform them into self-catering apartments, but are put off when they realise that there is no-one to manage the property for them while they are away.

Jacqueline’s Property Services does just that. We offer a full range of property management services to property owners, ranging from accepting bookings and payments to organising cleaning and maintenance for self-catering properties. This means that property owners can sit back and enjoy the benefits of an extra income without the worry of trying to manage everything themselves.We pride ourselves on being a high-quality, professional service at all times, with experience of this type of property management. And being based in Bute gives us exclusive knowledge of this unique market, meaning we can tailor our service perfectly both to property owners as well as their customers, ensuring that they come back to Bute again and again.

We are always ready to help people who are looking at building a new self-catering business on the island, or assisting those with existing businesses, so feel free to call our friendly team onĀ  01700 503906 or email us at info@jpsbute.com.